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Compaq Presario SR1403WM PC Bootup problems
Location: houston, texas
Registered: 11/07/05
Posts: 20
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We have a pc ( cheapo Wal-Mart purchase)

Multiple problems with this computer since the purchase last summer. This afternoon - we ran a defrag on the machine to hopefully clear up the slow movement of the computer and we get this message.


I finally find the Windows XP boot up disks I can make from the internet (since she did not make them when she purchased the machine) and go to work - only to find there is no floppy. I find the same files for a CD - but cannot access the CD since I cannot get past this screen.

After a reboot - I get the start up screen and it tells me to push F10 for the recovery screen - but we are unable to get to the screen. It just stalls.

Should I just get a new hard drive and OS and start over?

HELP !! :-)

Thanks! Smile
Location: houston, texas
Registered: 11/07/05
Posts: 20
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Additional note - the machine will no longer boot up - it just makes a clicking noise inside the machine. Any ideas....anyone...? Bueller....Bueller?
Senior Moderator
Location: Osage Beach, MO, USA
Registered: 09/19/01
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The clicking noise along with the error message you get indicate a dead hard drive.

You should be able to buy a new hard drive, replace it, and use the Recovery CDs which came with the computer to install Windows and restore the computer to the same condition it was in when you bought it. If you don't have the Recovery CDs, you can usually purchase them from Compaq for a nominal amount...$20 I think, on their website.

Make sure you look inside the computer to see what kind of hard drive you need before you order one.

Finally, if it has been less than a year since you purchased the computer, it's still under manufacturer warranty. They will send you a new hard drive free.
New Member
Registered: 02/06/09
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I read where you found the XP restore disks on the internet for the compaq presario sr1403wm computer from Walmart. My son too has this computer , 3 yrs old and a hard disk failure. He never downloaded the restore disks as he didn't know he could make them off the computer and now because of the messed up hard drive the program won't work. I need to make him a restore disk and he needs to replace his hard drive. Can you send me the link to where you found the restore disk to make? thanks

Tech Support gave us help over the internet, but told us to buy the restore disks would cost around $40
Location: Orlando FL
Registered: 01/21/07
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Since you have the same computer, make your own Recovery CD's to use on the identical computer.
It may give you the option to do a repair install that won't format the hard drive. But if it only offers to do a factory restore that formats the hard drive, and you rather replace the hard drive so that you can save the critical data on your old drive. You can purchase the same size, and type hard drive here Then add your old drive as a 2nd primary, or slave drive. Larger drives are available also.

How to replace old drive.

Read before ordering the CD's;
Order recovery CD's.
Your HP support main page.

Free Online Chat Support is available also.
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